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Large scale flow visualization and anemometry applied to lab-on-a-chip models of porous media

par Salmon Jean-Baptiste - publié le , mis à jour le

The following is a report on an experimental technique that allows one to quantify and map the velocity field with very high resolution and simple equipment in large 2D devices. Illumination through a grid is proposed to reinforce the contrast in the images and allow one to detect seeded particles that are pixel-sized or even smaller. The velocimetry technique that we have reported is based on the auto-correlation functions of the pixel intensity, which we have shown are directly related to the magnitude of the local average velocity. The characteristic time involved in the decorrelation of the signal is proportional to the tracer size and inversely proportional to the average velocity. We have reported on a detailed discussion about the optimization of relevant involved parameters, the spatial resolution and the accuracy of the method. The technique is then applied to a model porous medium made of a random channel network. We show that it is highly efficient to determine the magnitude of the flow in each of the channels of the network, opening the door to the fundamental study of the flows of complex fluids. The latter is illustrated with a yield stress fluid, in which the flow becomes highly heterogeneous at small flow rates.

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